My London

Images, moments and things that happened to see living in London…(Photogallery)


London, Guerilla Galleries. Gee (Urban life exposition 2014)

 Gee. Guerilla Galleries.

London, St. Patrick's day parade 2014. Leprechaun in Trafalgar Sq.

Leprechaun in Trafalgar Square.


 Farewell White Duke. Brixton

May I take a photo for my blog sir? Taste some Scottish deer first!!

“May I take a photo for my blog Sir?” “Taste some Scottish deer first!!”

Double-deck bus accident in Central London

Big trouble in Holborn.

Stik. Town is watching you. Shoredich

Town is watching you! Stik.

London. Parade chinatown


Kilburn. N.W.

Kilburn N.W.

Twickenham. The soul of Rugby

The soul of Rugby. Twickenham.

Summer in Southbank

Summer in Southbank

Quiet in Southbank

Waterloo Bridge

Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge